Opening of the park

Adrenature Parc Aventure opens every year, from the April holidays or from the Easter weekend, up to and including the autumn holidays. This year 2024, we will be open from March 30 to November 3, 2024.
Discover our opening hours throughout the season below.
If you have any doubts about the weather, don’t hesitate to contact us!!!
Attention ! Tree climbing: Our courses close 30 to 60 minutes before the park closing time. Remember to arrive before 4:30 p.m. to make the most of the park.

Snack bar

A 100% self-sufficient energy and water snack bar.

Local, organic and/or artisanal products. We are not opening a restaurant, but a small snack corner to meet the demand of our customers, for the lunch break, snack or aperitif!!!

A friendly space, in our beautiful forest, not far from our routes and activities.

In order to remain in an approach that respects the environment, with a reasoned management of waste, we have favored “recycling” for dishes, garden furniture, bulk and local products when possible and all in respect hygiene standards.

Our project is also designed not to be too energy-intensive and polluting, so we have thought our map in this sense.

On site or to take away

Organize your coming


  • Free parking
  • Possibility to ride in stroller
  • Shops nearby at Melgven city : Carrefour contact, Restaurants, Bakery, pharmacy

On the park

  • Possibility of picnicking on site, tables
  • Snack shop on site, no self-service drinking water
  • Sale of drinks: soda, water, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Ice cream, savory and sweet pancakes, Panini, waffles, muffins…

Object available

  • We provide helmets, disposable caps on request
  • No instructions or locker
  • Sanitary

Rules on the park

  • Fordidden dog
  • Non smoking park
  • Childrens has to be accompanied on the ground or in the trees
  • Plan an appropriate outfit

Payment and booking

  • Credit card payment, cash, ANCV, online payment, connect holiday voucher (on site only)
  • Reservations for individuals: prefer online payment otherwise please send an email or SMS (please avoid booking by telephone during peak hours between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., we will not necessarily be available to respond to you or to view your reservations for the same day)

Waste management

  • I picnic, I leave with my waste.
  • In order to reduce waste, we invite our customers to pay attention to the waste generated during picnics.
  • Indeed, every day, we have to pick up in the forest: straw paper, drink compote caps, easy-open paper, cans, candy paper, baby diapers in the parking lot, cigarette butts… and we have to redo the sorting of bins because the sorting instructions are not respected.
  • In order to make everyone responsible for their waste, we invite you to leave with your waste, so we will remove the garbage cans from the park.
  • Only the Snackerie corner will be equipped with sorting bins and compost for bio-waste only for snack customers.
  • Together, let’s do something for the planet!